Brisbane Airport Community Airspace Advisory Board

Brisbane Airport Corporation welcomes today’s announcement by Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Minister Catherine King, of an independent community-based advisory board to give residents a stronger say about airspace operations around Brisbane. 

“A forum for the community to work with industry was at the heart of the recommendations in the recent Trax International report into possible flight path and operational improvements. We look forward to working collaboratively and constructively with the community members of the Board, and representatives of airlines and Airservices Australia to develop improvements that work for all Queenslanders,” Gert-Jan de Graaff, Brisbane Airport Corporation Chief Executive Officer, said today. 

This new body will operate independently of the Brisbane Airport Community Aviation Consultation Group (BACACG) which will remain the primary consultation body for all other Brisbane Airport matters and has been in operation since 2010.

 For more information, including the board Terms of Reference and Expression of Interest, visit the Australian Government information page