AP Eagers signs on to BNE Auto Mall

BNE Auto Mall_Aerial_hr

AP Eagers is the latest major automotive group to commit to a number of sites with a total area of 61,400m² within Brisbane Airport’s $300m BNE Auto Mall project.

Brisbane Airport Corporation’s (BAC) General Manager of Commercial Businesses John Tormey said the AP Eagers presence is fitting for the BNE Auto Mall.

“We are delighted to have AP Eagers join us for the first of three stages of this iconic project.

“The group will bring an incredible range of brands and experiences to the precinct as one of the country’s largest and most successful dealers.

“We are very pleased with the level of interest in the BNE Auto Mall and are continuing negotiations with other leading automotive groups to secure the final vacant sites.

“The vision for the project remains the same – to provide an unrivalled automotive platform for dealers and manufacturers with the ultimate in test drive experience. We know that leading automotive brands are continuing to raise the bar, and this requires a new and fresh approach, a new platform, for how they engage with their customers.

“The future of automotive retailing is becoming more dynamic with a push for higher quality, interactive customer experiences.

“The multi-layered appeal of the precinct with entertainment and shopping, restaurants and bars, driver experiences, hotels and conference facilities, all tailored to the automotive market and wrapped around a 2.5km Mark Skaife designed performance track will ensure the BNE Auto Mall delivers world-class facilities that are being demanded by tomorrow’s customers.”

AP Eagers represents 12 major car brands within the geographic area serviced by the BNE Auto Mall, with the opportunity for a number of other brands to join the group. The existing brands collectively represent 48 per cent of the total automotive industry.

AP Eagers’ Chief Executive Officer Martin Ward said the BNE Auto Mall offers an exciting opportunity to provide a truly unique customer experience.

“AP Eagers is proud to establish a major new home on 61,400m² within the BNE Auto Mall.

“It is extremely exciting to have a blank canvas only 8kms from the centre of Brisbane’s CBD to create a world-class automotive retailing experience for our customers of the future.”

The project’s land development program will commence later this year with the first sites programmed for completion in late 2020.

Sci-Fleet Motors was announced as the BNE Auto Mall anchor tenant earlier this year.

Commercial negotiations for the BNE Auto Mall are being handled by JLL’s Geoff McIntyre, Ben Koop and Jacob Swan.

Forecasts prepared by Urbis for expected potential visitation to the BNE Auto Mall precinct indicate annual visitation in the order of 1.4 million per annum by 2026.