Airport passengers urged to “Do the Right Thing” for the planet

Brisbane Airport continues to set the industry standard in environmental management, with another incremental step towards carbon neutrality announced at the International Terminal today.

The partnership with the Australian Food and Grocery Council’s Packaging Stewardship Forum (PSF) and the Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management, announced by Queensland Minister for the Sustainability and Climate Change, the Hon Kate Jones, has seen recycling systems introduced to public areas of the International Terminal.

Each bin carries the “Do the Right Thing, Use the Right Bin” message, a call to action now being used to encourage people to deposit plastic and glass bottles, paper, cardboard and aluminium cans in the right bin for recycling.

Brisbane Airport Corporation CEO and Managing Director Julieanne Alroe said the new recycling bins and signage would enable the four million passengers flying in and out of the International Terminal each year to recycle, addressing what research reveals is an imbalance between our recycling habits at home, compared to less vigilant attitudes when travelling.

“Aviation has a range of impacts on the environment, and we are committed to meeting the community’s expectations in meeting the challenge. While today’s launch of this recycling initiative is great news, it is only part of a much bigger picture and a much wider challenge,” Ms Alroe said.

On a range of fronts, Ms Alroe said, Brisbane Airport aspired to adopt a best practice approach to the management of its environment. Over the past five years, the Airport has reduced water use by around 75%, with further improvements underway in building design, retrofitting facilities, harvesting rainwater and integrating recycled water into the network.

“We have also undertaken comprehensive investigation of our energy use, which at a 24-hour airport, with 350 businesses and around 17,000 workers, is quite significant,” Ms Alroe said.

“The results have already shown major savings in energy and water use and with this further step in our waste management program, we are tackling the big sustainability challenges – water, energy and waste – head on.

“While all these things have advantages to our environment and are without doubt the right thing to do for any enlightened company, the fact is it is good business practice. We deliver savings and efficiencies to our shareholders; it is a good outcome for the natural environment; and it is an attitude towards sustainability that will, I believe, be fully supported by our community.”