Strong response to Brisbane Airport Auto Mall EOI

BNE Auto Mall_4WD Track_hr

Friday 21 August 2015: Brisbane Airport’s EOI campaign for its new Auto Mall concept is generating a positive response from the automotive industry.

BAC General Manager Commercial Businesses John Tormey said more than half of the car manufacturers in Australia have expressed interest in the concept so far with discussions continuing.

“We are having ongoing discussions with the various manufacturers and car dealerships,” he said. “So far we have interest from more than 50 per cent of car manufacturers and we hope to take this to 70 or 80 per cent.”

Mr Tormey said the response from the industry has been very positive.

“The overall feedback is that it ‘just makes sense’,” Mr Tormey said.

“With the urban regeneration of traditional inner city motor vehicle precincts, as well as the global trend towards experience-based car marketing, the timing is right.”

The Auto Mall concept proposes a ‘shopping mall for cars’ including a range of dealers located around a Mark Skaife designed test track.

For more information including a flythrough video of the concept click here.