Quality Foods at Airport Industrial Park

Exciting Prospects for Quality Foods and Beverages at Airport Industrial Park

John Tormey BAC and Frank De Pasquale Quality Foods and Beverages_310718_cropped

Friday 3 August 2018: Brisbane Airport Corporation’s (BAC’s) newest industrial tenant, Quality Foods and Beverages (QFB), has moved into its new purpose-built premises within Airport Industrial Park.

QFB Director Frank De Pasquale said the relocation effort from the company’s expended Stafford complex took approximately 72 hours and the food and beverage supplier is relishing the growth opportunities their new 11,260m² facility will support.

“We’ve come from humble beginnings — just myself with one truck servicing a few schools in Brisbane with single-serve lasagne,” Mr De Pasquale said.

“Now, the 800+ schools we supply make up approximately 20 per cent of our business with the remainder of our revenue coming from cafes, bars, clubs and pubs.

“Our new facility at Brisbane Airport is triple the size of our previous warehouse which affords a number of opportunities that weren’t available at our previous location, these include introducing a protein line of meat, fish and poultry, expanding through further acquisition of local small business, and moving to a more efficient automated collection and loading system.”

BAC’s General Manager of Commercial Businesses John Tormey said a good portion of tenants moving to Brisbane Airport were doing so because of the ongoing option for onsite expansion.

“A number of tenants moving to Brisbane Airport are experiencing similar facility constraints that QFB experienced at its Stafford location,” Mr Tormey said.

“We work with these tenants to secure a suitable location to accommodate their existing and growing business needs.

“In the case of QFB, the site at Airport Industrial Park has capacity for future expansion options both within the existing facility, as well as within the greater lease boundary.

“We see this valuable addition to our portfolio as a step towards our own growth journey and we feel it is vital to take all our incredible tenants on that journey with us.”

Land development is currently underway for 30 hectares of Airport Industrial Park. The Park project delivery will ensure sufficient land is available to meet future industrial needs within the growing airport precinct.

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