‘Missing link’ taxiway opens at BNE

To the eye it’s 24,000 sqm of blinding white concrete, but when the now complete ‘missing link’ taxiway at Brisbane Airport was officially opened last Friday morning, cheers of celebration could be heard far and wide.

Located in front of the International Terminal, a Virgin Australia 737 aircraft departing for Port Moresby was the first to be ceremoniously welcomed onto Taxiway Bravo with a water cannon spray from the Airservices Aviation and Rescue Fire Fighting Service.

The new taxiway will allow two aircraft to simultaneously arrive and depart the International Terminal apron which previously wasn’t possible and provide a more direct route to the runway, cutting several minutes off taxiing time.

The $12M extension which took approximately 12 months to complete also includes the construction of an additional four off-stand aircraft bays at the International Terminal.

Julieanne Alroe, BAC CEO and Managing Director, said the opening of the section of Taxiway Bravo between B7 and B8 was a long time in the making but well worth the wait.

“Travellers probably won’t notice the difference, but the completion of this section of missing taxiway is hugely beneficial for our Air Traffic Controllers who will be able to more efficiently manage aircraft movement on the ground, as well as providing time and cost savings for airlines,” she said.

Michael Wright, Aviation Relations Manager (Qld) Airservices Australia said, “Brisbane Airport now has a fully functional parallel taxiway system to service the main runway, as well as the Domestic and International Terminals.

“The completed taxiway system will enable aircraft to be processed far more efficiently and will deliver better environmental outcomes due to reducing delays and associated fuel burn. The completed taxiway will definitely help the airport cope with the current demand being experienced at Brisbane.

“Airservices congratulates BAC on completing the ‘missing link’ and for delivering a very significant piece of infrastructure which will provide immediate benefits to the aviation industry,” he said.

Fast Facts about the construction of Taxiway Bravo at BNE

40,000 cubic metres of sand

24,000 sqm of concrete

Over 2,000 concrete truck movements

20,000 sqm of turf

4km of painted line marking

Over 50 taxiway lights install