Changes afoot at BNE International Terminal

  • New dedicated ‘Passenger Pick-up’ Area to address congestion on the roads leading to and in front of the terminal.
  • Increased kerb for passenger pick-up from three (3) car lengths (on the Level 2 Arrivals Road) to sixteen (16) car lengths.
  • Upgrades form part of broader ‘future-proofing’ terminal improvement plans, including an Inter Terminal transfer upgrade.
  • Animation of the new Passenger Pick-Up Area can be viewed and downloaded here.

Brisbane Airport will introduce new arrangements for private cars collecting passengers from the International Terminal as part of a program to address road congestion and delivery of a new seamless passenger transfer service between the terminals.

From this Thursday 23 November the Level 2 ‘Arrivals’ Road at the International Terminal will be closed to private traffic which will be directed to a new ‘Passenger Pick-up’ Area located at ground level at the northern end of the terminal.

The benefits of the dedicated ‘Passenger Pick-up’ area includes:

  • Increased kerb for passenger pick-up from three (3) car lengths (on the Level 2 Arrivals Road) to sixteen (16) car lengths.
  • Greater schedule efficiency for staff/passenger transfer buses, as well as departing passenger drop off who are often caught in congestion caused by traffic from the Level 2 roadway jamming access roads.
  • Separation of private vehicles picking-up passengers and an increasing number of taxi, ride-share and bus services.
  • New way finding signage for both vehicles and passengers.
  • New clearly marked approach signage for drivers collecting passengers.

Accessible waiting bays for drivers collecting passengers with a disability or mobility limitation will be available on the Level 4 ‘Departures’ Road which is easily accessible via lifts or travelators from all levels of the terminal.

There are no changes to taxi ranks or bus stops outside the terminal.

Importantly, the new ‘Passenger Pick-Up’ Area is not a car park. During peak and other busy times – typically 7 to 11am and 6 to 8pm daily - kerbside officers will be onsite at the ‘Passenger Pick-Up’ Area to keep traffic flowing.

Drivers are not permitted to stop, other than to collect passengers that are ready and waiting at the kerb.

Outside of peak times, when the entry gates are activated, drivers can remain within the ‘Passenger Pick-Up’ Area for up to 10 minutes free of charge. During this time drivers must stay with their car. After 10 minutes, fees will apply.

Drivers can enter and exit the ‘Passenger Pick-Up’ Area as many times as they like and will not be charged if their stay is under 10 minutes on each occasion, however the following tips are recommended to help reduce unnecessary congestion on the roads:

  • Download the BNE App and follow the flight updates – so you know of any delays and can time your trip to the airport to collect passengers.
  • Aim to be at the airport no earlier than 20 minutes AFTER an international flight is scheduled to land to allow time for Border control, immigration, baggage claim and your passenger walking to the new Passenger Pick-up Area.
  • Park at Skygate for some shopping or BNE Service Centre for coffee and wait for your passenger to call/text to advise they are ready to be picked up before heading to the new Passenger Pick-Up Area.
  • Passengers can also take the FREE Transfer bus (which stops kerbside on Lvl 4 at the International Terminal) to Skygate to meet the person picking them up there.
  • There is a 30 minute free Public Waiting Area off Dryandra Road near the Domestic Terminal where drivers can safely wait before heading to the International Terminal just minutes away.

Martin Ryan, Head of Parking and Transport Services Brisbane Airport Corporation, said road congestion and moving traffic away from terminal buildings is a challenge larger airports are dealing with on a global scale.

“International passenger numbers have increased from 2.5 million per year in 1997 to almost 7 million today and are forecast to grow to nearly 13 million by 2037.

“In the past 20 years the airport has evolved on all fronts. During that time the International Terminal has been expanded three times, a new multi-level car park opened and more aircraft apron space and taxiways built to meet growing demand.

“Quite simply, the narrow roadway at the terminal face was not designed to cope with the amount of traffic we’re currently experiencing and expect in the future, so we needed to find another solution.

“During peak times road congestion extends from the current Level 2 ‘Arrivals’ Road at the terminal face to the Airport Drive/Nancy Bird Drive roundabout and hundreds of metres beyond, contributing to wider road obstructions that are delaying departing passengers and scheduled terminal transfer bus services.

“Traffic on the Level 2 roadway has grown to be chaotic and unpleasant for drivers and passengers alike, as well as being unsustainable for the passenger growth expected in the future.

“The new ‘Passenger Pick-up’ Area will address some of the congestion issues and provide a more efficient experience for all,” Mr Ryan said.

On relocation of the ‘Passenger Pick-Up’ from the Level 2 ‘Arrivals’ Road work will immediately commence on BNE’s $7 million Inter Terminal Transfer Project.

When open in the early New Year, the Inter Terminal Transfer Project will reduce minimum connection times between terminals, providing a positive experience for the increasing number of transferring passengers and improving airline ability to manage the passenger journey.