Brisbane Airport Storm Updates

Update as at 7am Tuesday 29/1/13: Operations are going to be busy at Brisbane Airport today and for the next few days.

While the weather continues, it will effect the entire flight network across Australia. 

Flights are arriving and departing as per normal, however travellers should expect some flights to be rescheduled, delayed or cancelled.

Please contact  your airline to confirm your flight status. 

Please also check the road conditions before travelling to the airport and remember, if its flooded, forget it. 

The 'plane spotters' area at Acacia Street at Brisbane Airport remains closed due to trees across the road. 

Update as at 12:30pm Monday 28/1/13: the 'Plane Spotters' area at Acacia Street at Brisbane Airport is currently closed due to trees across the road. It is unlikely the debris will be cleared until tomorrow. 

Update as at 11am Monday 28/11/13: if driving around Airport Village please take care as there's debris on the roadways which is currently being cleared. 

Update as at 7am Monday 28/1/13: Brisbane Airport is still OPEN and flights are arriving and departing. 

Looks like Ground Hog day with a repeat of the weather we experienced yesterday. 

Many flights have been cancelled or rescheduled and you can expect delays network wide. 

Some tips to get us through the day: 

- Check with your airline about the status of a specific flight. You can also check the arrivals and departures page however please remember the information on this page is pulled directly from the airlines systems and is updated by airline staff NOT Brisbane Airport. Airline staff try to update this information as much as possible, however information on this page is not always current/up to the minute. Live flight tracking programs such as flightaware.com are also helpful. 

- Please take great care when walking through car parks and the terminals. There's clearly a LOT of water about and while our cleaners are doing an awesome job, caution is advised. 

- Please secure your belongings carefully when outside to help us reduce flying debri around the airport. 

- Follow Queensland Police Service on Facebook and Twitter for updates on road closures and incidents.

- Expect delays and please be patient with airport and operational staff, they are doing their utmost to keep things on track during these extraordinary weather events.

Take care everyone.  

Update as at 9pm Sunday 27/1/13: Brisbane Airport is still OPEN and operational. 

Busy day and delays are starting to build. 

Due to weather, some airlines that usually board/disembark off-stand, are waiting for available aerobridges, which will contribute to delays. 

Caution is also being exercised in regards to crew on the Tarmac, so some flights are currently waiting for pushback, which will contribute to delays. 

We appreciate your patience and can reassure you the staff at BNE are working hard to get everyone on their way tonight. 

Update as at 6pm Sunday 27/1/13: Brisbane Airport is still OPEN and operational. Minimal delays. 

We've sprung a few leaks at the International Terminal however so please take care if you are there. 

We've got cleaners on the job, but we would appreciate you being extra cautious and reporting any puddles/issues. 

Level 3 outside smoking area at the International Terminal is also now CLOSED. So once you are through customs and security there's no option for the last minute pre-flight smoke.

Update as at 1pm Sunday 27/1/13: Brisbane Airport is still open and operational. 

The weather is wet and wild however, so please check with your airlines for your specific flight status.