Sporting events driving international and domestic travel

The return of triple daily Tiger Airways services between Brisbane and Melbourne and a number of major sporting events has been credited with driving a 3.1 per cent growth in domestic passenger numbers at Brisbane Airport in recent months.

The AFL and NRL grand finals held in early October in Melbourne and Sydney respectively led to Friday 30 September being the busiest day of the month, with demand up 3.5 per cent on the same time last year.

Brisbane-Sydney and Brisbane-Melbourne services also continue to be the top interstate city pairs (in terms of volume), accounting for 45 per cent of all domestic passengers, with Brisbane-Cairns the top intrastate route (in terms of volume).

The fastest growing city pairs (in terms of volume) were Brisbane-Perth and Brisbane-Mackay.

Internationally, there has been considerable growth in capacity (+8.9 per cent) with a number of airlines adding services.

With school holidays falling in September there was also significant growth in Australian resident departures to Indonesia, Thailand and Fiji.

Other points with regards to international passenger volumes in September 2011 include:

Building on last year’s strong growth, Brisbane Airport also noted a combined 2.7 per cent growth in both international and domestic passenger numbers for September 2011.



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