Qantas announces new services on Dallas - Brisbane route

Brisbane Airport Corporation Pty Limited (BAC) welcomed today’s announcement from Qantas that it will increase in the frequency of its services between Dallas Fort Worth and Brisbane from four services per week to daily by July 2012.

Frequency on the route will grow to six services per week on 15 January 2012 and to seven per week on 1 July 2012.

The service is triangulated, with the aircraft travelling from Dallas to Brisbane and then onto Sydney.

BAC CEO and Managing Director, Ms Julieanne Alroe said the increase in services is an indication of Qantas’ continued commitment to Queensland.

“We would like to congratulate Qantas on this announcement which will give passengers greater choice and opportunities for travel to and from the US,” she said.

“For Brisbane passengers departing to Dallas, the route opens a vast network of exciting options across North, Central and South America and the Caribbean, with destinations as diverse as East Coast Canada, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Mexico.

“With the current strength of the Australian dollar showing no sign of abating, this increase in services is fantastic news for Brisbane travellers.

“For our Texas cousins, Brisbane is the perfect gateway into Australia. More than half the passengers currently using the services are taking advantage of the stop in Brisbane, and disembarking to enjoy Queensland’s tourism offerings.

“Queensland and Texas share an obvious affinity with wide open spaces, desert scenery and a love of the land, our geography and history. Furthermore, given the fact that a growing percentage of North American visitors actually spend most of their time in Queensland, the Dallas - Brisbane connection makes perfect sense,” Ms Alroe said.

The route is served by a three-class Boeing 747-400ER – the aircraft type currently being reconfigured with Qantas’ A380-style cabins.

For further information on the increased Dallas-Brisbane-Sydney services visit qantas.com.au