Now boarding: Flights to South Pacific Paradise

Santo - Port Olry  (Joel Johnsson) Copyright Vanuatu Tourism Office

This morning in Brisbane the Prime Minister of Vanuatu will relaunch the world’s only international flights to the island paradise of Espiritu Santo. 

Santo is Vanuatu’s largest island, and one of its most popular holiday destinations. 

The Air Vanuatu once-weekly service sees an increase in passenger and freight capacity between Australia and Vanuatu and cuts travel time to Espiritu Santo by two and a half hours for Australians, who previously connected through Port Vila.  

Prime Minister Alatoi Ishmael Kalasakau celebrated the relationship between our two nations and urged Aussies to experience the wonders of Santo. 

“These locations have only seen a handful of visitors each year. They yearn for the Australian visitor to take advantage of the beauty that is on display when you come to our country. Of course, tourism is a vital pillar in our economy, providing employment and small business opportunities and also generating revenue for our communities. We humbly urge you to come and explore Santo.” 

Santo is packed with natural, cultural and historical experiences. 

“With Brisbane the only international airport with flights to Santo, BNE will be the world’s gateway for tourists on their way to this South Pacific Paradise,” according to Brisbane Airport Corporation CEO, Gert-Jan de Graaff

“Brisbane is the most connected Australia port to the Southwest Pacific with direct flights to 13 destinations. We look forward to Queenslanders discovering this little slice of international paradise which is less than three hours flying time away.” 

Air Vanuatu Acting CEO Joseph Laloyer said the airline is delighted to celebrate the service and is grateful for its strong partnerships with the Vanuatu Government, as shareholders of Air Vanuatu, the Vanuatu Tourism Office, and Brisbane Airport. 

“This service represents Air Vanuatu’s commitment to ensuring connectivity for our guests, as well as to Santo, its residents, and the entire tourism industry in Vanuatu’s north,” Mr Laloyer said. 

Vanuatu Tourism Office CEO Adela Issachar Aru said she is pleased to welcome more visitors to Espiritu Santo, with the service allowing Australians to fly directly to the island and beyond to experience all the region has to offer. 

“Whether it’s exploring the wonders of the Champagne Coast, from Port Olry to Champagne Beach and the sensational blue holes, this direct service allows visitors to easily Answer the Call of Vanuatu,” said Mrs Issachar Aru.   

Air Vanuatu operates non-stop services between Brisbane and Espiritu Santo every Thursday at 10.30am, with return fares starting at $590 per adult. The return flight departs Santo at 3.20pm and arrives in Brisbane at 5.10pm.  

Services are operated by Solomon Airlines on behalf of Air Vanuatu. 

See Air Vanuatu to book and for more details on Santo and Vanuatu, visit vanuatu.travel/au