More flights over the waters of Moreton Bay

Brisbane Airport Corporation has welcomed new Airservices Australia figures showing a 35% increase in the mode of operation that directs both landing and taking off aircraft over water. 

Simultaneous Opposite Direction Parallel Runway Operations (SODPROPS) is positive news for residents in Brisbane suburbs as both approaching and departing aircraft are directed over Moreton Bay. 

“Brisbane Airport Corporation welcomes Airservices Australia data showing a rise in SODPROPS mode because it directs all flights over water and shields communities from the impact of aircraft noise, while still delivering Queensland the significant benefits travel and trade offers,” according to Stephen Beckett, Brisbane Airport Head of Public Affairs. 

“We look forward to an expansion of Simultaneous Opposite Direction Parallel Runway Operations as Airservices Australia methodically and safely implements the independent Trax International recommendations.”   

Airservices Australia has been trialling SODPROPS at Brisbane Airport between the hours of 10pm and 6am, but expanded the trial to include Saturday’s 6am-8am, 8pm-10pm and Sundays 6am-8am when weather conditions allow. 

As a result, between 9 July and 9 November 2022, use of SODPROPS increased by 137 hours resulting in an additional 799 aircraft movements being directed over water.  This was a 30% increase on the period 9 March to 8 July, 2022.

“The trial reflects Airservices’ commitment to improving noise outcomes for the Brisbane community, where safe and operationally feasible,” an Airservices Australia spokesperson said. 

Increasing over the water operations is on the agenda for 2023 with Airservices Australia saying it will “expand the use of SODPROPS mode by increasing capacity, enhancing decision-making criteria and developing flight path changes for daytime operations – which have a proposed completion of Q4 2023, at year’s end.” 

The increased safe use of SODPROPS when conditions allow was one of the recommendations of the recent independent report by Trax International into the Post Implementation Review of Brisbane Airport’s new parallel runway.