‘Leave’ a little love for flood victims, says Brisbane Airport

Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) has called on companies to follow the lead of Alliance Airlines in donating a day of leave to the victims of Queensland’s devastating floods.

BAC staff have volunteered to convert a day of their annual leave into cash, which will raise close to $100,000. This staff donation comes on top of BAC’s $250,000 donation to the Premier’s Flood Appeal on 7 January.

CEO and Managing Director Julieanne Alroe said staff response to the innovative idea had been overwhelming, and the idea was spreading across the airport’s workforce in more than 300 businesses.

“The devastating floods of last week have affected tens of thousands of people, including airport staff themselves. As a leading Australian institution and the gateway to this great state, Brisbane Airport is determined to help get Queensland back on its feet.

“Following the wonderful example of our airline partner, Alliance Airlines, BAC staff are donating the equivalent of a day of annual leave, which is a quick and painless but highly effective way to give something to people who in many cases have lost everything.

“With 17,000 people working at Brisbane Airport, it is encouraging to think just how much could be raised for flood victims. Even if only half the airport workforce opted into this fund-raising event, we could raise up to $3 million dollars.

“It is cash that is needed, and I urge other Brisbane Airport businesses, and companies across Australia, to join us in this creative approach to get their staff involved in the recovery from arguably Australia’s worst natural disaster. Just imagine what we could achieve,” Ms Alroe said.