Guidelines for Media visiting BNE

Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) is responsible for the safe operation of the International Terminal and the Domestic Terminal.

Verified media representatives are welcome within the publicly accessible areas of Brisbane Airport, including the International and Domestic Terminals and outdoor areas, when obtaining footage for news and current affairs programs. We do however request that the following courtesies are adhered to:

  • Please provide as much prior notice as possible of media crews visiting the airport grounds or terminals for any reason. You can do this by emailing or calling 0466 322 485. You’ll need to advise who is coming, when they are coming, where they plan to be and why they are filming at the airport. This allows us to advise airline, security and operational staff, as well as the Australian Federal Police on duty at BNE, in advance about your visit.
  • All requests for filming of check-in counters and/or airline staff should in the first instance be made to the relevant airline.
  • Please do not film any Security Screening or immigration staff/equipment or processes at any time.
  • Please do not attempt to access or film sterile/restricted areas unless escorted by a BAC team member.
  • If filming near airside fencing, please keep a distance of at least three metres from the fence line.
  • Please do not park illegally or unsafely and always follow the directions of BAC staff and the Australian Federal Police while at the airport. We want to ensure you are safe. 
  • It is illegal to fly drones within 5.5 km of an airfield.

These guidelines apply when filming , broadcasting or livestreaming on Brisbane Airport land, including at Skygate and non-terminal precincts, in or near the International Terminal and the Domestic Terminal or terminal forecourt and carparks and plane spotting area.