Changes at the Domestic Terminal

A free public pick-up facility will open in April 2012 as part of a staged upgrade to the Domestic Terminal precinct.

Spokesperson for Brisbane Airport Corporation Pty Limited (BAC), Rebecca Masci, said the new free public pick-up facility is being provided in response to requests from passengers.

“We often receive requests from people that there should be a place for drivers to stop and wait for their passenger to arrive, so they are able to avoid circling the road network. We intend for this new designated public pick-up facility to meet these needs and requests,” Ms Masci said.

She said part of the upgrades to the Domestic Terminal precinct will see public pick-up and drop-off separated, with pick-up being allocated a designated space.

“The public pick-up facility at the Domestic Terminal will be free for people to park and wait for their passenger for a given period of time. This time period will not be confirmed until the final design of the facility is complete, however it is expected to be somewhere in the vicinity of 10-20 minutes.”

The free public drop-off road, along with the other roads in front of the Domestic Terminal, will also be upgraded. The new road will be widened to improve traffic flow.

“Brisbane Airport is also building new roads for dedicated taxi drop-off, which will create extra capacity on the free public pick-up road,” Ms Masci said.

The free public pick-up facility will follow the opening of a new short-term multi-level car park, and a redesign of the Domestic Terminal road network, including an elevated walkway.

With over 15.5 million passengers flying through the Domestic Terminal last year, in comparison to the 740,000 passengers flying through in 1988 when the precinct was first built, an expansion and upgrade has been much anticipated.

BAC is building a new nine-level, 5,000 bay multi-level car park, which is due to be operational in the second half of 2011. Together with the existing multi-level car park, the new car park will bring the total number of bays at the Domestic Terminal to over 9,000.

“We want to make parking at the Domestic Terminal easier so the car park will be fitted with the latest smart parking technology, making it easy to find the closest available parking space, and will feature fast-access ramps to upper levels and connections to the existing car park,” Ms Masci said.

Work has also started on the Domestic Terminal Access Project – an undercover elevated walkway that will connect from the new car park to the terminal face.

The elevated walkway will pass over the terminal road system and will include lifts, travelators and escalators to take patrons to ground immediately outside the Domestic Terminal. The walkway will also provide easy pedestrian access to Airtrain.

“The beauty of the elevated walkway design is that it will separate pedestrians from cars creating a safer passage for passengers, while also reducing traffic congestion on the terminal road system,” Ms Masci said.

The elevated walkway is planned to open early 2012.