Brisbane Airport’s lost property charity auction is back better than ever!

Lost Property

Monday 15 February 2021: Brisbane Airport’s Online Lost Property Auction is back, and it is better than ever, with members of the public given the chance to bag a bargain as well as unique aviation items.

Hundreds of valuables go up for auction today, with bidding remaining open until Sunday 21 February.

For the third year running, all proceeds to be donated to The Courier-Mail Children’s Fund.

Despite a reduction in passengers travelling through Brisbane Airport’s International and Domestic Terminals last year due to COVID, many weird, wonderful, and valuable items were still accidently left behind by travellers.

While all efforts are made to return belongings to the rightful owners, unfortunately approximately two-thirds of these items remain unclaimed after the standard holding period.

Items like neck pillows, blankets, and fresh food are not logged as lost property. They are kept at the Visitor Information Centre desk, and if not collected, are disposed of.

More valuable items are held at the airport for 60 days and, if still unclaimed, are either donated to local charities or held and offered to members of the public in Brisbane Airport’s annual online Lost Property Auction.

This year, unclaimed items going under the hammer include suitcases, jewellery, laptops, headphones, surf boards, artwork, and a circular saw.

There is also an opportunity to purchase your very own piece of Brisbane Airport, with Movement Area Guidance Signs (MAGS) from Runway 01/19 (the legacy runway prior to its rename) and pieces of Brisbane’s new runway, Runway 01L/19R, up for grabs.

Gert-Jan de Graaff, Brisbane Airport Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, said this year’s auction is better than ever as it features priceless items that cannot be bought anywhere else.

“Brisbane Airport’s online Lost Property Auction has always attracted wide attention from interested buyers, and this year we will be offering some pretty special items for those that love aviation as much as we do.

“In addition to the MAG signs and the runway pieces, bidders will have the chance to secure a year of free parking at Brisbane Airport and an exclusive airside tour with one of our Airside Operations Officers.

“Last year we raised $25,000, and while our passenger numbers have been heavily impacted, we hope the addition of unique aviation items will help us come close to matching that amount,” Mr de Graaff said.

Belinda MacPherson, Board Director of The Courier-Mail Children’s Fund, said the ongoing partnership with BAC provides crucial funds to children in need across Queensland.

“We are incredibly proud to be continuing our partnership with BAC this year. To be able to give charities the funds needed to provide vital care, services, facilities and aid to children in need across Queensland is more important than ever in these uncertain times.

“We are currently taking submissions for assistance from Queensland charities,” Ms MacPherson said.

Charities are encouraged to apply or find out more at:

The auction will be powered by BNE Marketplace – an eCommerce site developed by Brisbane Airport Corporation at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic to support in-terminal retailers.

All stock can be viewed online at

Bidding will take place online from today, Monday 15 February, and run through midnight on Sunday 21 February.