Brisbane Airport predicts record numbers over Easter

With the Australian dollar at an all-time high against the US dollar, an extended holiday period and airfares that remain relatively low, Brisbane Airport is predicting a bumper crowd at the Domestic Terminal this Easter.

Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) spokesperson, Rebecca Masci said while the increased amount of activity around the airport boded well for tourism throughout Queensland, people should allow extra time to get to the airport and into the terminal.

“In the first six months of the year we’ve experience steady growth in domestic passenger numbers moving through the terminal and that growth, combined with strong growth in previous years, has been the catalyst for a number of construction activities around the Domestic Terminal.”

Ms Masci said BAC had recently completed an upgrade of its Common User Satellite servicing airlines such as Tiger, Jetstar and regionals and was currently building a new multi-level car park and an elevated walkway from the car parks to the terminal.

“The new car park, with over 5,000 spaces, will open progressively from August this year, while the walkway that will take visitors over the road system to the terminal will open in early 2012.

“Once completed these two projects will make a huge difference to the level of traffic congestion around the airport. But in the meantime, it means people can expect congestion on the roads, particularly at peak times over Easter,” Ms Masci said.

To assist passengers, Brisbane Airport has compiled some tips to get you through the airport this Easter.

~ Allow extra time to get to the airport and through check-in processes

~ Pre-plan your transport to the airport and pick the best car park to use via www.bne.com.au

~ Think about dropping off passengers in one of the two temporary car parks near the Domestic Terminal rather than heading for the heavily congested road in front of the terminal

~ Check-in online the day before you fly to limit time spent in queues. Select a seat closest to the front of the aircraft so you’re off sooner

~ Avoid excess baggage. Travelling light saves time at check-in and at your destination

~ Watch what you wear. Save time at security screening points by avoiding metal belts, chunky jewellery, lace-up shoes or shoes with metal support in the sole. Light, casual gear is the best

~ Avoid prohibited items. Make sure you don’t have nail files, scissors, pen knifes or other sharp instruments in your carry-on baggage

~ Taking the laptop. Remember to remove the laptop and accessories from the bag before reaching the security screening point. Use the tables and trays available before you stand in line

~ And if you find you have plenty of time before your flight simply relax and enjoy the food, beverage and shopping that’s on offer in the terminal.