Bridezilla roams Brisbane Airport

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A real-life bridezilla, unicorn, hippopotamus, bunny and giant baby have been spotted at Brisbane Airport as a bride goes the extra mile to ensure her guests enjoy a welcome they will never forget. 

While some people bring flowers to the Arrivals Hall, Laura Cameron has been dressing up in inflatable costumes and carrying cheeky signs to greet her family and bridal party. 

“Everyone at work has been asking if I’m excited for the wedding. And I say ‘yeah but I’m more excited for the airport meetings,’” says Laura. 

Her father who arrived from Mexico was greeted by a giant baby and the sign: ‘Welcome back from nudist camp Dad. Thanks for wearing pants’. It’s not hard to guess why he ignored her all the way to the baggage carousel.  baby1

Her fitness crazy older sister who arrived via Air Canada was welcomed by a giant hippopotamus and the words ‘Have you seen my big sister?’. 

The maids of honour had to contend with a giant tyrannosaurus rex.  

Another guest was confronted by a giant creepy bunny with the words: ‘Vanessa I brought the immodium you asked for’ and it had a toilet roll attached to it. 

There was also a giant unicorn costume and sign, ‘Welcome back from rehab Thari. Better luck next time.’  

“People in the airport have loved it especially the one about my dad at the nudist camp, there were quite a few people taking photos of that one. The kids have really loved it and come up and waved to me and taken photos.” Bridezilla-3

All week the costumes have been delighting fellow travelers and those picking up loved ones as well as Brisbane Airport terminal staff. 

“Every day in the International Terminal there are a thousand Love Actually moments as we connect people from around the world. But Laura has taken the art of greeting to an entire new level,” according to Peter Doherty, Media Manager from Brisbane Airport. 

Originally from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, Laura now lives in Ipswich and is a fly-in fly-out doctor serving the mining community in Mt Isa. She’s no stranger to Brisbane Airport as she travels between Brisbane and Mt Isa every fortnight. 

She met her fiancé Jeremy in January 2017 in what she describes as a “tinder accident.” couple 1

They will marry in Toowoomba on Saturday. 

“We’re one of those Covid weddings, this is our third time trying to get married, we’ve had to postpone twice because I wanted to bring all my family across so we’re having 80 people out at Toowoomba on Saturday and then 10 of us are going on a group honeymoon to Fiji on Monday.” 

The group will travel on Fiji Airways which is this celebrating 50 years of flying to Brisbane.

So how did this crazy airport greeting obsession begin? 

“10 years ago when I went to visit my sister I was greeted by a sign that said ‘Russian mail order bride – return to sender’, so every year I’ve tried to top it.” bunny1

Laura estimates she’s spent $750 on costumes for the wedding arrivals.  

“Every penny has been worth it," she says. 

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