Breach of ‘Green Zone’ at International Terminal

Thursday 29 April 2021: Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) can confirm there was a breach of the ‘green zone’ in the International Terminal at Brisbane Airport earlier today.

The breach is due to human error, and BAC is currently working with all relevant authorities including Queensland Health to investigate the circumstances of the breach.

At approximately 9:30am, two transit passengers arrived on a ‘red’ flight from Port Moresby and proceeded through screening to transit as per normal process.

Initial review of CCTV indicates that at approximately 9.55am, these passengers were incorrectly allowed into the ‘green zone’.

The passengers were seated at a retail outlet within the green zone until approximately 11.20am.

The passengers then used the bathroom and attended another retailer before they were located by BAC staff and returned to the ‘red zone’. They were in the green zone for just under two hours.

Thorough cleaning of all areas mentioned above has since been conducted, and we can confirm all workers and passengers within the green area were wearing PPE.

Three ‘green’ flights departed within this two-hour period to New Zealand, with approximately 390 passengers on these services. At this stage, it is believed only a handful of passengers were in the vicinity of the two ‘red’ passengers at any time.

BAC is conducting a thorough investigation and unreservedly apologises for this human error.

Queensland Health is leading the health response to this incident and working with the New Zealand Ministry of Health.