Body Scanning to commence at BNE

As part of the Federal Government’s rollout of body scanning at eight international gateway airports, body scanning technology will come on line at Brisbane Airport from tonight.

The introduction of the scanners comes after the Federal Parliament passed the Aviation Transport Security Amendment (Screening) Bill on 15 August. The legislation provides for the introduction of new body scanners, following a successful trial of the technology in Sydney and Melbourne.

From tonight, the new body scanners will operate alongside existing walk through metal detectors at the Brisbane Airport’s International Terminal and passengers will be required to be screened by one or the other.

Body scanners represent the most advanced passenger screening technology available and provide an extra layer of random security screening to help identify a variety of sophisticated threats that cannot be detected by existing screening technology.

The Australian Government advises that:

Members of the public can find further information about Body Scanning here: http://travelsecure.infrastructure.gov.au/bodyscanners/index.aspx.

Any person, including airport staff, pilots and cabin crew, may be selected to undergo a body scan on a random basis and those who refuse a body scan without a valid medical or physical condition will not be permitted to board their flight.

Body scanners are used for aviation security screening in several other countries including the United States of America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Thailand and the Netherlands.