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Son helps Father park jet

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Meet the Brisbane family with aviation in their blood. 

Mum, Dad and their two sons work at Brisbane Airport and have almost 75 years of aviation experience. 

  • 58-year-old Paul Considine is a jet pilot with more than three decades of experience and flies for Pionair 
  • 53-year-old Laurel works for Airservices Australia in Simulator Exercise Design and Development. 
  • 22-year-old Fin works in Customer Service for Swissport. 
  • 18-year-old Max started as a Ramp Agent, has progressed to Lead Loader and Qantas Planner at Swissport. 

Recently Max had the honour of directing his father’s jet into a bay at Brisbane Airport for the first time. 
considine taxi
“I said you know today I’m going to be marshalling you in whether you like it or not. He does what he’s told,” says Max. 

Paul and Laurel met in the 1990s when she was working in Air Traffic Services in Regional Queensland. 

“I was in the Mt Isa Briefing Office and Paul was a pilot putting in his flight plan. He complimented me on my socks,” laughs Laurel. 

Fast forward a few decades and all her family now works at BNE. 

“It’s something we all now have in common. I’m actually quite proud of the boys. They are both advancing quite rapidly. Paul and I have always been associated with aviation so after 30 years it’s a delight to see the boys having fun. They both started out as checkout operators, so they’ve come a long way,” says Laurel. 

Both sons are keen to follow their parents even further. Max has just started learning to fly at Caboolture. Fin is keen on following Laurel into Air Traffic Control. 

They are just 4 of the 24,000 people who work at Brisbane Airport, with that number expected to grow to 60,000 by 2050. 

On Saturday the BNE Careers Expo will provide information on career paths plus 2000 vacancies available across BNE. 

“I think the people who come will be surprised at the range of roles at the airport that don’t necessarily require any previous knowledge of aviation. And there are many pathways to really great careers.” says Laurel. 

Just ask the Considines. 

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