BNE achieves highest rating in ACCC Survey for 13 consecutive years

Aircraft landing at BNE

Brisbane Airport (BNE) has consistently received the highest ‘Overall average ratings of quality of service’ for 13 years in a row in the annual Airport Monitoring Report conducted by the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC).

The Report presents the results of the ACCC’s monitoring during 2015/16 of the quality, prices, costs and profits at Australia’s four major international airports: Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

Both passengers and airlines are surveyed to gauge the quality of service provided by each airport.

Brisbane achieved an overall quality of service rating of ‘good’* and has become the first airport since monitoring began to be rated as ‘excellent’ by passengers.

On the back of a $45 million refurbishment of BNE’s International Terminal passengers rated the quality of services and facilities very favourably.

Ratings for check-in, in-bound waiting time, information, gate lounge and immigration increased from ‘good’ to ‘excellent’ in the survey, making BNE’s International Terminal the highest rated of all the monitored airports this year.

Julieanne Alroe, Brisbane Airport Corporation (BAC) CEO and Managing Director, said consistently being the highest rated airport of all monitored airports over the history of the ACCC’s monitoring program was something the BAC was very proud of.

“It is not through luck or complacency that Brisbane Airport continues to achieve the highest rating in this survey, it is through strategic visioning, building collaborative relationships and being pro-active and innovative in our approach to even the smallest project.

“Every day hundreds of projects are underway to make the services and facilities we provide for passengers, airlines and other partners at Brisbane Airport world class.

“The positive feedback we have received following the International Terminal refurbishment has been very pleasing and are committed to continuing to enhance the experiences for all our customers.

“This is a process that will never end as new technologies are developed and our terminals, aprons and systems are upgraded or expanded,” Ms Alroe said.

Since 2012 BAC has invested $1.6 billion in major projects, with a further $2.2 billion ear-marked for airside, landside and terminal projects over the next five years including but not limited to:

  • Brisbane’s New Runway ($1.35m)

  • International Terminal Expansion ($73m)

  • International Terminal Northern Apron Expansion ($47m)

  • Airport Industrial Park Development ($28m)

  • International Self-service check-in and Automatic bag drop project ($11m)

*The rating categories are: very poor, poor, satisfactory, good and excellent.