Airport disruption over the holidays

Brisbane Airport Corporation has been advised that protected industrial action by security officers and the United Workers Union will take place at Brisbane and Gold Coast Airports on Monday 19 December.

Similar action is expected at Canberra Airport on Friday 16 December.

The following comments are attributable to a Brisbane Airport Corporation spokesperson:

We do hope the security company, and its workforce is able to reach a fair outcome in this wage negotiation.

We are concerned that hard working Australians, many of whom have been unable to see family and take a restriction free Christmas holiday for several years, could end up collateral damage in this wage negotiation. 

The date of the industrial action is in the middle of the holiday rush, and the time chosen covers the peak period of the day when we are at our busiest.

Tens of thousands of families, and everyday hardworking Australians will have their travel plans potentially thrown into chaos if this industrial action takes place.

We’d have to question whether a full workforce stoppage at several of Australia’s key airports at peak holiday time is proportionate action for a wage negotiation, notwithstanding the merits or otherwise of the union’s claim.

I am concerned for those families who will not be able to afford or have the time to make last minute changes to their travel plans.

We hope that the union and ISS security can reach a fair and reasonable outcome in a time that allows Australians to have the Christmas holiday they deserve, and to reconnect with their family and friends.

Brisbane Airport Corporation would like to acknowledge the important role ISS security officers play in maintaining safety at our airport, and thanks them for the commitment they display to travellers and visitors to the terminals.